Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CD 5 Cynthia Cavazos

Candidates for elected city offices were all asked the same questions by the Bexar County Medical Society and have submitted answers to those questions as shown below. 
This information is provided as a service from the Bexar County Medical Society, but is not an endorsement.
BCMS does not make endorsements of any candidates for office nor of elected officials. 

Cynthia Cavazos
City Council District 5
2017 Mayoral/City Council Candidates

Health Care Questions
> 1. Despite affecting everyone in this community, "community health and wellness" has not been a big priority at City Hall. "Community health and wellness" had one third of the ranking that "streets" received in community input via SpeakUPSanAntonio. Yet it impacts our well being, workforce, economic development and the prosperity of San Antonio.
> What health-related areas do you think deserve increased attention, priority, and local resources, and, if elected, how would you elevate the discussion of these health issues at City Hall and lead effective action to improve health and healthcare in our community?

I am going to be honest...with respect, Our city have much to deal with when it regard Health Care+ I was homeless for many years and I was a club member at the University Hospital due to not having anywhere to go or for study.

My bills piled up,but the Shelter took over payments while we were in their care.
I will note the amount of money a person pay for service is too expensive - on my salary of 10.30 an hour, I could possibly pay a bill without insurance if I had been able to work forty hours a week.
Should Our President Trump raise the minimum wage...We may have to still keep an eye out on Employment through out the city, away from city employee or the constituent body who is employed by the city as not a job or known as a City Employee.
Health Care as well as Indigent Health Care( I.H.C the dollar the government pay to y'all the hospital should your minority or others not pay their bill.)
Should y'all were to appropriate the Budget- decrease the amount of dollars for each service or lab being done...y'all would accrue more revenue on a daily,weekly,bi-weekly, and monthly time span. MRI: expensive...with respect, this machine has computer monitors which download to film. Keeping a database without the internet chip will allow safe keeping of patient records by following safety protocol and making a backup disk at many if needed.
If y'all can decrease the amount of prices, you will have more patients going on to be evaluated,which will have money to spend up front, and who know they will have the medical the need based on the decrease of prices.
> 2. Bexar County is the primary source of funding for indigent health care in our area through the Bexar County Hospital District and University Health System. How would you, if elected, promote cooperative efforts to increase services and access to care for the citizens of San Antonio?
> As denoted above U foresee the Health Community as the Hub of the Constituent Body, minority to the wealthy. Enabling Dental into for extractions without pay up front is a good idea, at least you will have that hand and helping them keep or attain employment. Many people in our constituent body do not know how to care for their teeth...much less have the capita to pay for service. Should y'all decrease the prices of labs, and keep a minimum of twenty five dollars a minimum for those with a certain income...you will have those payments.

I would help y'all to understand the importance of decreasing that dollar and adding services, Care Link is a program through UT Health, and I understand it is not insurance...but, if yall allow that dental without that added premium, it would be easier for the patient to pay into that bill.
>> 3. The disparity of health care between our poorest and wealthiest zip codes/districts is quite striking (Bexar County Health Collaborative 2016 report). How would you, if elected, reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes for our lower income communities/citizens?
> The Minority based on income have the Care Link Program or Medicaid, and based on this, There is no need to change the poverty level for service.
> 4. San Antonio has a high incidence of obesity and diabetes mellitus and has been ranked as high as second in the nation for obesity in recent years. Past city efforts attempting to improve these rates, such as trying to reduce the prevalence of sugary drinks in our community, have been met with controversy. What ideas do you have to reduce the incidence of these chronic health issues?
> The city does have a problem with Diabetes and Obesity, and based on study ethics and statistics....y'all know our constituent body have to become trained in areas to keep satisfactory amounts of "The Food Pyramid" which I am not sure why it was taken. The intake of the constituent body by herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables is what I will enforce in our community-they will have that added experience to know how to care for their body when they are having an diabetic attack. Low Blood , intake something sweet and call the Dr. High Blood, intake something sour and call the Dr.

Glucose I have noticed remind me of Aloe- I am not sure...but as a favor, can y'all test Aloe with abscesses,and diabetes as well as other ailments.
There is a cure their" I did research on herbs and spices.
For cancer...I have not read up on this part yet...but, I know alcohol destroy bacteria and fungus. Based on the deformity of the virus (any) the virus would decrease based on the absence of the cell missing its code.
>> 5. According to the CDC, child abuse and neglect are serious problems that can have lasting harmful effects on its victims. The goal in preventing child abuse and neglect is clear — to stop this violence from happening in the first place. What local policies, resources and efforts will you support to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for all children and families?
> This is an excellent subject for debate.
I have many cures, and the cures have been instituted based on my University Education at Our Lady of The Lake and University of Phoenix, Living Homeless is also a benefactor to my findings as a single mother with children and without.

Rule in our Judiciary System can be of the Military-Corporal Punishment without the abuse. I am trying to get a topic for debate-I am charging five dollars for each person who attend. This would be the topic.

I will be getting this Social Services part done, they will have the hospital resources and non profit reiteration to keep our communities at citizens in good standing.