Thursday, August 3, 2017

BCMS Golden Aesculapius Award Nominations


The Bexar County Medical Society periodically honors chosen physicians who have given much to the medical community in the form of lifetime service to organized medicine, or have made other significant contributions to the practice of medicine. Dr. Jayesh Shaw has asked that each of you consider and recommend BCMS physicians whom you believe should be considered for one of these awards. Obviously, we can’t give awards to everyone, but we would like to hear from you on who you think should be considered and recognized for these awards and why.

Please send your recommendations to the attention of Steve Fitzer ( and Jayesh Shah, MD (

Golden Aesculapius Award
In 1980, the Bexar County Medical Society established the Aesculapius Award as our highest honor recognizing a lifetime of distinguished service by a BCMS member to our patients and our profession. This award is not given annually but only upon the occasion of nomination and confirmation of distinguished service.

Those who have received the award are:
Alvin O. Severance, M.D.       1980
John M. Smith, Jr., M.D.         1984
John J. Hinchey, M.D.             1985
Charles A. Hulse, M.D.           1996
Merle W. Delmer, M.D.          1998
Al Sanders, M.D.                     2006
Robert N. Jones, M.D.             2009
Jose M. Benavides, M.D.         2010
Harmon W. Kelley, M.D.        2011
Antonio Cavazos, Jr., M.D.     2013

Distinguished Service Award
At the January 13, 2009, meeting of the BCMS Past Presidents Advisory Council, the BCMS Distinguished Service Award was established. The first recipient of the BCMS Distinguished Service Award will be William H. “Bill” Hinchey, MD. Award presented at the Installation of Officers.

                                         Date presented
William H. “Bill” Hinchey, MD     2009
George “Rick” Evans              2010
Charles Rockwood, MD          2010
Marion Primomo                     2011

BCMS Leadership Nominations



It is time to nominate physicians to serve in
leadership positions of the
Bexar County Medical Society in 2017.

Nomination Deadline - 5 p.m., JULY 13, 2016.

In accordance with Chapter 8, Section 8.31, of the Bylaws of the Bexar County Medical Society, "Each member shall have the opportunity to correspond in writing for the purpose of submitting nominations to the Nominating Committee. Nominations shall . . . reflect nominee’s character, integrity, attributes, and qualifications for the position."

The BCMS is calling for written nominations for the following
positions with terms beginning in 2017:

□     President-elect – assists President; is ex-officio member of all boards and committees; and becomes acquainted with all matters pertaining to work and affairs of the Society to properly prepare for office of President, which office is automatically assumed at expiration of one-year term as President-elect. President-elect shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of five years.
□     Vice President – assists President; presides in President’s absence; and, on President’s death, resignation or removal, succeeds to presidency. Term of office shall be one year; tenure of office shall not exceed one term – shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of five years.
□   Secretary – makes certain adequate records of meetings of Society and Board of Directors are maintained; is responsible for such records and reports as may be required by Board of Directors or Bylaws of Society or TMA. Term of office shall be one year; tenure of office shall not exceed two terms – shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of two years.
□   Treasurer – makes regular reports to Board of Directors on financial status of Society. Term of office shall be one year; tenure of office shall not exceed two terms – shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of two years. 
□   Director – 3 at-large positions – establishes and implements policies of Society; acts upon applications for membership upon recommendation from Board of Censors; conducts disciplinary hearings as prescribed by Hearings Procedures Manual; is responsible for long-range planning; decides all questions not specifically delegated to other authorities. Meetings are held a minimum of six times per year – term of office shall be three years; tenure of office shall not exceed two terms.
□   Member Board of Censors – 2 positions – supervises medical ethics of membership and counsels individual members where circumstances warrant; examines applicants for membership; investigates suspected violations of code of conduct and prefers charges when indicated; receives investigative charges of unethical conduct made against Society members by another member; and, upon request, reviews findings of Board of Mediations and makes proper disposition of each case. Meets monthly – term of office shall be three years – shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of ten years.
□   Member Board of Mediations – 5 positions – receives, investigates, and mediates complaints from patients or insurance companies brought against member of Society; hears matters of unprofessional conduct, violations of principles of medical ethics or any other matter involving patient/physician relationship; hears and/or reviews insurance complaints; investigates and supervises ethical deportment of membership and receives complaints from general public. Meets monthly – term of office shall be three years – shall have been a member of BCMS for minimum of ten years.
□   Delegate/Alternate Delegate to TMA – 30 positions – studies needs and desires of medical profession in Bexar County in its relation to state and national associations to effectively and intelligently represent the membership of Society in TMA House of Delegates (two meetings a year). Meets at least four times a year in San Antonio – term of office shall be two years.
□   Member Nominating Committee – 2 positions – studies the challenges and leadership requirements of the organization. The committee will commence its functions from January 1 of each year. Meetings of the committee shall be held at least two times a year and as often as necessary – term of office is one year. Members of the committee will not seek an elected position (other than Delegate or Alternate Delegate) in the Society.
Please seriously consider getting involved with the leadership of BCMS; don’t leave it to someone else to watch out for the practice of medicine. Below, please indicate which position you are interested in running for or for which you are nominating a colleague. If you are nominating yourself or someone else please indicate below. Thank you!

Your Name:                                                      Nominating Self:                    Phone:                                  
Name of Person You are Nominating:                                                            Phone:                                  

Nominations must be submitted in writing via email, fax, or mail.
CVs will be required from all nominees.
Or Mail to:
Bexar County Medical Society
Attn: Nominating Committee
P.O. Box 781145, San Antonio, TX 78278
or by email to or fax to (210) 301-2150

Nomination Deadline - 5 p.m., JULY 13, 2016.